Synology DS211 Network Application Server

Aron Schatz
November 24, 2010
Product Page
Synology DS211 Network Application Server
The Synology DS211 is a worthy upgrade to the older and SOHO targeted DS210j. The real strength is in its horsepower and the upgrade to DiskStation Manager 3.0 software.

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There are a few things that we don't review. When a company comes out with a product that is exactly the same with slightly better specs, we tend to look away from reviewing it. This is a general thing as it allows us to give product coverage to other companies with competing products. When Synology approached ASE Publishing to do a review of their just released DS211, we were skeptical on whether to accept. We've already reviewed the »DS210j with the DSM 2.3 software and the DS211 is the same, just faster... so we thought. Synology released a brand new DiskStation Manager software (version 3.0) and it is the real focus of this review along with the DS211.

If you already have a Synology DS appliance, chances are that you'll be able to upgrade to DSM 3.0. The DS210j that we've reviewed a couple of months ago is running this software now. Check the Synology website for more information.

About Synology


Synology America Corp. located in Redmond, Washington is the North American branch of Synology Inc. Synology has been delivering award-winning NAS (network attached storage) devices to small business and home users since early 2000. Synology is a network attached storage company, with all R&D focused solely on delivering the best in class network attached storage devices with forward-thinking features at an affordable price.

When you purchase a Synology product, you will have peace of mind in the value that our products deliver and if you ever need a little help, our in-house support team, located in Redmond Washington is second to none.

Synology Products

Synology DiskStations include both disk and rack style NAS stations, in multiple configurations from entry-level to business class. With world-wide recognition for performance and reliability, Synology Disk Stations bring value to every day IT functions. Disk Station Manager software, a Synology exclusive, comes with every model, enabling robust functionality, and feature sets, in an intuitive AJAX web-based interface.

Synology's Guarantee

From mid-sized businesses to home users, Synology Disk Stations are designed to bring affordable peace of mind to digital asset management. Synology is fully committed to providing exceptional services, with both pre and post sales support. All Synology Disk Stations come fully backed by Synology's hardware warranty, and 24/7 online product support is available through the Synology online forums, the Synology Wiki and Synology's website.



Synology uses the same basics for the DS211 as they did with the DS210j. You are presented with a standard brown box and the only way you know what product you're getting is a sticker.


By the information on the box, it really is up in the air on what this little NAS can do. It mentions DLNA support and can handle two hard drives.


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