Lift Audio Icon Series 6mm Premium Earphones

Logan King
Aron Schatz
January 26, 2011
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Icon Series
Lift Audio Icon Series 6mm Premium Earphones
The Lift-Audio Icon Series earbuds have great build quality and crystal clear audio. The MSRP may seem high for casual usage, but if sound quality is anywhere near a main concern the financial cost is easily outweighed.

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Audio quality is something that many people aren't concerned with. In the days of digital music distribution and low fidelity mp3 audio, convenience reigns supreme over all else. This is the cause behind the rise in popularity of those nasty $4 earbuds that you frequently see in brick-and-mortar stores. But what about those who hold audio quality to a similar importance to convenience? Lift-Audio recently released the Icon Series premium earbuds to satisfy that market, and today ASE Labs has them up to see how well they perform.

About Lift-Audio


Lift Audio products are inaugurated with a passion for precision engineering, premium materials, and leading edge innovation. Every product incorporates the most progressive sound technology on the market and are individually crafted by the highest quality yet environmentally friendly materials available.

When looking for a headphone, one of the most important factors is comfort and security. Comfort is the basis of our soft silicone fittings and the lightweight design of each headphone model so that you can enjoy your music while living an active lifestyle.

A socially conscious approach is taken to the development and manufacturing of every Lift Audio product. Environmentally friendly materials, sustainable goods, and recyclable packaging are used to assure our impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. The only “footprint” we want to leave is one that is taking a step forward towards a cleaner and better world to live in.


The Icon Series arrived packaged in a plain brown box sealed with a strip roughly analogous to a shipping label, with the Lift-Audio logo placed front and center. The box specifically mentions how easy it is to open, and a closer examination of the label reveals a perforated crease etched in right where the corner of the box is.


The inside of the box is pretty straightforward. There is the carrying case for the earbuds, and a cardboard insert to keep the case in place.


Some rather bland packaging, but then again flashier packaging isn't really necessary for online-only goods. We also commend the effort made to make opening the box as easy as possible.


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