Rapoo Wireless Touchpad Keyboard E9080

Aron Schatz
March 28, 2012
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Rapoo Wireless Touchpad Keyboard E9080
The Rapoo Wireless Touchpad Keyboard E9080 combines great industrial design with a unique touchpad/number pad combination that is perfect for space conscious people.

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Out of all the products that ASE Publishing reviews, input devices hold a special place. They are all unique and each person interprets them differently. It is very hard to make an objective review of an input device, but seeing the breadth of styles in the market is something to just take in and see. While at CES, ASE Publishing saw an input device company called Rapoo that had a mix of function and form that made the editorial team stop and see. Their products looked like they were designed well and were of excellent build quality. The Wireless Touchpad Keyboard E9080 combines a slim keyboard with a touchpad that changes into a number pad. We like to see innovation like this.

About Rapoo


Established in 2002, RAPOO is dedicated to offer excellent, cutting-edge wireless peripheral products to users around the world, and Wireless Your Life is simply the corporate philosophy that RAPOO has always adhered to.

We have always paid close attention to the continuous changes in user demands and to providing corresponding solutions in time. We offer wireless mice, wireless keyboards, and wireless headsets to PC users to meet their application needs. We also offer Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth keyboards for intelligent terminals, like mobile phones and tablet PCs, to meet their interaction needs and offer multimedia keyboards and Multi-Link (dandelion technology) product suites for home theater to meet their function needs.

We possess a first-class R&D design team which has a deep understanding of the industrial aesthetic standards in today\u2019s world and can accurately grasp the end-user experiences of global users. In the 2012 IF Design Awards, three products of the RAPOO Blade Series won awards, which further strengthened our relentless pursuit of customer experience.

As one of the most influential brands in the current Chinese market, RAPOO was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002577) in May 2011. In order to provide more users around the world with access to our products and services, RAPOO launched its global market strategy in 2011 to enable global users to simultaneously share our technological achievements.

In the future, we hope to become more dedicated and innovative, allowing \u201cWireless Your Life\u201d to go global and bringing a brand-new lifestyle and unique wireless enjoyment to everyone.




Rapoo uses a style of white with blue accents for their packaging. The packaging is very open to show off the product contained inside.


The back of the packaging lists the product details.
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  • Ultra-slim design of 5.6mm at thinnest
  • Scissor key structure and stainless steel backplate plate brings you comfortable tactile feedback
  • No extra mouse needed when you have the touchpad keyboard
  • Reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection with up to 10M working range
  • Switch between touch pad mode and num pad mode whenever you like, just need a gentle slide
  • Keyboard Wireless Technology: 2.4Ghz RF
  • 2x AAA alkaline batteries (pre-installed)
  • Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface: USB Nano Receiver
  • Product Dimensions: 14.1 x 0.8 x 4.3 inches ; 2 pounds
  • Item model number: E9080 Black
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • http://www.rapoo.com/showdetails.aspx?P_No=E9080

Package Contents


Other than the wireless touchpad keyboard, Rapoo packages some literature and the nano USB receiver. These are pretty standard things for input devices. This product does not require drivers of any sort to fully function.



The size comparison to a standard DVD. As you can see, the keyboard is slightly smaller than a standard size keyboard, but also includes a touchpad/number pad combo. The receiver is as small as the standard for RF-type input devices.


The keyboard is a laptop-style design with flat keys. The key spacing is excellent, with the size of each key actually being bigger than normal keyboards; but since it isn't raised, the size and the small spacing means that the keys are pretty easy to type on. If you like a chiclet type of keyboard, this is not one of them. If you like a desktop keyboard, you might be pleasantly surprised at the feel of this. While there is a difference in keystrokes, the overall feel is still good.


There are some things that were sacrificed to fit in the smaller size. The arrow keys are pretty small, so if you use them more often (like for games or anything), you might have a bit of a learning curve. There are also keys that are hidden behind the function key. All the media keys require a function press.


The keyboard layout is standard and should be easy to pickup and use. The space of the special keys like enter, shift, and backspace are good. The spacebar is also a good size, and each keystroke feels right. On certain keyboards, you can tell the quality by clicking the edge of the spacebar. If it is sticky, the build quality is probably questionable. Not so in this case.


The keyboard also includes a touchpad and a number pad. They are combined to form this unique combination, and the functionality is built into the keyboard itself. No drivers are needed. Simply slide your finger along the designated area to switch the function. If you're on the touchpad, a quick swipe will make it into a number pad. The touchpad is a multi-touch type and can respond to two finger scrolling and three finger right clicks. Tracking is good. It isn't like a mouse, but it is accurate for a touchpad. If you like touchpads, this is a good keyboard to use.


The build quality of this keyboard is excellent. The back is stainless steel. Metal! It isn't too often that you see a metal keyboard in the market anymore, but here it is. Rapoo includes two AAA batteries that are unbranded. The keyboard will last a very long time, too long to test with this review. Wireless devices have so much better power profiles than when they first came out, they last for months. The on/off switch is also located here.


The keyboard is very thin, except for the hump where the batteries go. This would be a really nice keyboard for a tablet, but it isn't bluetooth (yet!) and is only RF with its own dongle. Hopefully a bluetooth version comes out soon because pairing this with a tablet seems like the thing to do.
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The E9080 performed well during daily use. Remember that all input devices are largely subjective. Something that feels good to one person may not to another. While we liked this keyboard, you may not.

The functionality of the touchpad/number pad is done very well. A quick swipe of the slide area and the pad changes. The touchpad is fairly responsive, but if you are used to twitch gaming, this won't be for you. It gets the job done for daily use scenarios, and does it well. The multi-touch is good and the keyboard works well. This is a very innovative product and we're happy to see things like this being tried in the market.

Video Review


The Rapoo Wireless Touchpad Keyboard E9080 retails for about $70 and is one of those unique products that screams "try me out." You rarely see new ideas being tried, and the combination of a touchpad and number pad brings a great twist on an otherwise commonplace type of product. Now you don't need to sacrifice the number pad for the touchpad because of limited space.

The design and build quality are excellent. The keyboard uses its stainless steel back to give a feeling of solidity. More product manufacturers should take note of this: if you can slip some good quality material in your product without sacrificing practicality, you should do so. It makes the product that much better and Rapoo did an excellent job. We recommend this product, but as with any input device you should try before you buy. See their Facebook page or company website.

ASE Publishing would like to thank Rapoo for making this review possible.


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