Kingston Wi-Drive

Aron Schatz
February 19, 2013
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Kingston Wi-Drive
Kingston Wi-Drive
The Kingston Wi-Drive is a good addition to your mobile device with limited internal space and no external storage expansion options.

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Mobile devices may seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there is a major problem with limitations of storage. What good is having a device that can play all your media at your fingertips if you can't take the device anywhere and play it. Storage on mobile devices has been a limitation from the beginning and certain devices even limit the amount of storage by not having micro-SD support. What ever happened to pragmatism for consumers?

Think of this situation... You have any iOS device and a select few Android devices (Google Nexus devices, for instance) and have more than the content than the device storage allows. You are forced to pick and choose what content you want. This is totally unacceptable with technology today. No amount of cloud storage is enough when you don't have internet access that's unlimited. Kingston has you covered with their Wi-Drive to enhance your storage needs. Now, you can supplement your storage with this external portable drive that works directly with your device. It is a NAS built with mobile in mind.

About Kingston


In 1987, Kingston entered the market with a single product. Founders John Tu and David Sun fulfilled a severe shortage of surface mount memory chips with a memory module that would serve to redefine industry standards for years to come.

Combining one of the most extensive and stringent testing processes in the memory industry, an exceptional free tech support center and a consistent roll-out of innovative technologies, Kingston Technology has continually set industry standards of quality and reliability throughout its history.

Reliability is the cornerstone of the Kingston product strategy. It has played a key role in maintaining the long-term relationships developed over the years with customers. Kingston remains committed to exceeding industry standards with every new development while maintaining the signature reliability of its products.



The Kingston Wi-Drive was originally an iOS targeted device. This is why the packaging looks like it is built for Apple device. Since Google's Nexus devices are now very popular, and that they don't have any external storage, the Wi-Drive works on Android.


The back of the box contains the various labels and other information you would find on a retail box.


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