Crucial Tracer Red 6GB Triple PC3-12800 BL3KIT25664TR1608

Aron Schatz
March 23, 2009
Crucial Tracer Red 6GB Triple PC3-12800 BL3KIT25664TR1608
Looking for RAM that will turn heads? The Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red 6GB kit is the answer for you with good performance as well.

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There are only a limited number of memory manufactures that ASE Labs recommends to its members and Crucial is one of the few. Even in a global down turn, it is important to buy the right tool for the job the first time. Only buy memory from manufacturers that offers a lifetime warranty. A quality product should stand up to the test of time. Crucial is no fool, though. The computer enthusiast is always looking for that extra edge. It wasn't too long ago that ASE Labs looked at the original »Tracer Red DDR2 kit and we were impressed at the design.

Fast forward to today, the Core i7 platform has introduced new triple channel memory support and memory manufacturers are stepping up. Perhaps this was the reason the Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red 6GB PC3-12800 kit (BL3KIT25664TR1608) took so long to be released... Crucial was waiting for the right moment to release the DDR3 version of the Tracer series and it was worth the wait.



Crucial's outer packaging has been a generic soft envelope folded over. It is what is on the inside that matters.

Retail Box


Interestingly, it seems that Crucial has updated their lines to support retail kits. This is the first time ASE Labs has seen a retail version of a Crucial product. Perhaps Crucial products will be sold at computer hardware stores. It would be good to see.



Just as the original »Ballistix Tracer Red kit, the new DDR3 version looks great with its laser etched logos and cool accents. We feel that heatspreaders are nothing more than show when placed on RAM, but these modules are sure to turn heads when in use. Not only do the modules look great by themselves, a brand new light pattern has been made specifically for the DDR3 version of the kit.


Crucial used to only provide standard RAM for use in systems. While many enthusiasts used the RAM provided by Crucial, it was only guarantied to work at JEDEC speeds. It wasn't too long ago that Crucial started to provide overclocking kits of its Micron memory. The result is a win-win. Consumers get a solid performing module and Crucial enjoys better margins on the high end. This DDR3 triple channel kit is rated for 1600MHz (PC3-12800) at 8-8-8-24 (2T) running at 1.65v. Many DDR3 modules in the past have been pushing the voltage higher, but the new limit imposed by the Core i7 dropped this to 1.65v max.


Since this kit is properly paired with a Core i7 platform, the modules contain easy to use XMP profiles for automatic setting of the correct timings and voltages without hassle. XMP is the easy choice for running the memory at the rated speed. The SPD is set to JEDEC speeds of 1333MHz at 9-9-9-27 with the standard 1.5v that DDR3 specs provide. This allows the system to at least boot up. There have been many times that modules were set at such a high speed that the system would boot the first time due to lack of power. It is good to see most memory manufacturers placing standard speeds on the traditional SPD.


Red isn't the only color this time around. Consumers have the choice of red, blue, and green kits. The standard black kit is also available. The heatspreaders are bonded to the ICs of the modules and the LEDs at the top of the module (middle) can be seen. The entire kit looks fantastic in red and once it is in use, it is that much better.


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