Cables To Go TruLink 4-Port VGA/USB KVM

Aron Schatz
Logan King
June 3, 2009
Cables To Go
Cables To Go TruLink 4-Port VGA/USB KVM
The Cables To Go TruLink 4-Port VGA/USB KVM is a good addition to homes and server rooms alike that need VGA and USB connections for their computers.

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The KVM is no stranger to operations in the server room environment where there are many PCs with minimal space for multiple monitors and input devices. It was only in the past few years when people started putting multiple computers in homes to act as servers for their home networks. KVMs are finding a place in homes nowadays and Cables To Go offers a 4-port VGA/USB KVM that is sure to please.

About Cables To Go


Three guys, $3000 in startup capital, and a vision of quickly delivering custom-made cables at a good price. That's how Cables To Go started in 1984 in the back room of a small Dayton Ohio computer store. After 24 years, our popularity keeps growing as we've become a leading manufacturer and distributor of computer cables and connectivity solutions. Our products are available directly to consumers and resellers, and also through key distributors such as Tech Data and Ingram Micro.



The retail packaging that Cables To Go uses a white and blue accented box. The box contains the needed information to make a smart purchase.



Aside from the KVM itself, the package includes the four needed KVM cables for computer hookups, some Windows software (not needed), a manual, and an AC adapter.


The KVM cables for connecting the unit to the individual computers are six feet in length and contain the VGA and USB connections. The USD connection is a standard A-B connection and the monitor cable is a VGA extension cable so if you do misplace a cable, you can easily find replacements without having to buy them directly from Cables To Go.


The TruLink KVM is black with silver accents. The unit combines a powered USB hub (or bus powered without using the AC adapter) along with PS/2 ports in the back to give the full range of possibilities. The unit only accepts USB inputs from a computer so even though there are PS/2 ports for a keyboard and mouse on the KVM, you cannot anything other than USB for input from the computers themselves.


The front of the unit contains the lights and indicators needed. There are a set of buttons to easily switch computers from the KVM itself or (if you are using a PS/2 keyboard), you can hit scroll lock twice and 1-4 to switch to a computer. There is also a Windows on screen display if you want to use that. It isn't required and the KVM works fine with any operating system that accepts USB HID devices. The front of the KVM has three USB ports. These ports can be used for a keyboard and mouse as well as other normal USB devices (like flash drives, and others).


The back of the unit contains the connections for attaching the four computers and the console output on the right for control. The two PS/2 ports are good when pairing this unit with an older set of keyboard and mouse. Most server rooms still use PS/2 connections for most things but it is nice to be able to use USB as well with this KVM. The AC adapter connection is to the right of the PS/2 ports and it is not required unless you need a powered USB hub. The KVM will happily accept bus powered devices through the USB hub without problem and it will let you know if there is an over-current draw. If you have a free plug, leave the AC adapter plugged in.


It is very difficult to write a long summary of a product that does what it says. The KVM works as expected. It is very nice to be able to switch computers and use the same USB devices on the next computer as the last. PS/2 scroll lock switches works as expected as does pushing the individual buttons on the unit itself. It is nice when a product works as expected out of the box.


When a product works as expected, it is easy to recommend it. The next issue is price. The KVM is »hovering at about $110 at the time of this review and it is a pretty good price for a VGA/USB KVM. The next step would be to jump to a »DVI KVM (which Cables To Go also makes) and to use IP instead of direct cabling. Regardless, the TruLink 4-Port VGA/USB 2.0 and PS/2 KVM works as expected and if you need a VGA/USB KVM, look no further.

ASE Labs would like to thank Cables To Go for making this review possible.


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