G-Cube Mini G Laser Mouse

Aron Schatz
July 6, 2009
G-Cube Mini G Laser Mouse
The mouse is packaged in a small black box with a silver backdrop and turquoise highlights. Visible through the plastic, we can see the "Secret Garden" design: black with white vines, leaves and flowers.

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G-Cube is a new company that produces myriad peripherals designed by women for female computer users. The G-Laser wired and retractable mouse appears small and cute while in the package, but we're going to find out if this mouse is all looks or actually performs like a champ.



The mouse is packaged in a small black box with a silver backdrop and turquoise highlights. Visible through the plastic, we can see the "Secret Garden" design: black with white vines, leaves and flowers.



Inside, we found the mouse, a user manual, and a soft travel pouch with the G-Cube logo.


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The mouse is very small - perfect for the traveling techie. It can be used for both left and right handed people, but the placement of the grip makes comfort better for the right hand. The sides are slightly curved in, making the ergonomics of such a small rodent easier.

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The shell is a smooth matte texture. On the left side, there is a patch of Rubber Jell grip where the thumb rests, improving grip, comfort and managability.


The mouse has a nearly silent scroll wheel, which can also be programmed with one of 58 different command options. However, because the mouse does not come with software, the driver must be downloaded from the G-Cube website.


One peculiar feature is the 2x button, situated to the left of the scroll wheel. This button is used to click directly on files and programs to open them without a second click. G-Cube claims this improves efficiency while saving time.

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The retractable cable extends up to 30 inches and the holder features the G-Cube logo and "Secret Garden" design, and ends with the USB plug.


G-Cube built this mouse with laser tracking and a maximum DPI of 1000. Laser is great for a mouse aimed at traveling, since it can track on nearly every surface. The included travel pouch keeps the mouse safe from scratchs while in transit, as well as looking stylish with the turquoise logo highlighted on the black cloth.
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Testing and Use


As we said before, the mouse is rather small. It's not the most comfortable thing to use for an extended amout of time, but it gets the job done. The textured rubber grip on the side did improve the overall use; it has just enough texture to keep a good grip in place while not being too obtrusive.

Iso Front

The 2x button threw us off as well. Because it's textured and at a similar height as the scroll wheel, as well as being very close to the wheel, it led to a bit of confusion while in use. Sometimes we accidentally hit the scroll wheel instead of the 2x button, as they're also placed at nearly the same height. Seems a bit gimmicky to me, but another test subject found it convenient.

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The 1000 DPI was satisfactory for such a small device, and with the laser technology, tracking was never a problem while in use. Because this is clearly a travel mouse, having laser is really the best option. Mousepads are annoying and inconvenient for toting, so having a mouse that will track on nearly every surface imaginable is ideal, and this mouse does just that.


We found this mouse to be more of a backup option for our computing needs. It's really just too small to use on a regular basis, but for travel needs, it was fulfilling. With a retail under $30, this mouse has a decent value, especially for women who just want a little feminine touch in their daily computing. The mouse is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, including Vista. The light weight and travel bag make it easy to tote around without getting in the way, and keeping it clean at the same time.

ASE Labs would like to thank G-Cube for making this review possible.


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