Netgear Arlo Wire Free Security System

Aron Schatz
March 10, 2016
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Netgear Arlo Wire Free Security System
The wire free Arlo security system is a great product for those areas with no power and a place with light activity since it is all battery operated.

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The Netgear Arlo two camera security system retails for $300 (Amazon) at the time of this review. The base system with a single camera can be had for about $170 and each camera adds about $130 to the system. A single base station can support up to five cameras. You can't compare this product to regular IP cameras like those from D-Link since the Arlo use case is vastly different. What the Arlo provides is the ability to monitor areas that power isn't a possibility. For this, the system works great. The price isn't cheap, but you are getting a quality product.

The Arlo uses CR123A batteries. Each camera requires four of them. Replacing the batteries won't be cheap, but they should last a few months. It all depends on the usage. The more video you record, the faster the batteries will die.

We are not fond of proprietary systems, but the Arlo's use case merits this. You can't just hook these cameras up to a NVR since the NVR will constantly try to grab data from them, killing battery life. What we are very impressed with is Netgear's approach to the software. The Arlo mobile application and the website have feature parity. If you don't have a mobile device, you can still use the Arlo to its fullest.

Netgear also listens to market feedback and will be adding missing functionality in the coming quarter. It will be interesting to see what Netgear does with the USB ports on the back of the base station. Here's hoping for local storage support. We like companies that listen to customer feedback and act on it. The Arlo is a worthwhile product if you need monitoring and can't run power to that location.

ASE Publishing would like to thank Netgear for making this review possible.
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