D-Link DIR-510L Portable Storage Router

Aron Schatz
May 23, 2016
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D-Link DIR-510L Portable Storage Router
If you're a road warrior and need to connect and charge multiple devices on the go, the DIR-510L is here for you.

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Final Verdict

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The D-Link DIR-510L retails for a bit over $100 at the time of this review (Amazon). D-Link knows how to make routers and how to handle connectivity, in general. If you're looking for a product that you can easily connect and charge your devices, the DIR-510L fits the bill. However, if you want to extend the storage of your devices, the 510L incorporates some functionality in that area. The unfortunate part is that the mobile application really could use an update and a better overall UI.

What is greatly improved on this little router are the management pages for mobile and desktop use. The really good thing about the 510L is that normal PCs can interface with the router and access the storage. The access to that storage is limited by the mandatory use of the web portal on the device instead of being able to use CIFS or Samba for getting to the shares. Regardless, the mere fact that you can access files on any device is good. If you need to expand storage on your mobile device, there are other better products. If you are looking for a total connectivity solution with storage and charging functionality, the DIR-510L may be way you're looking for in a product.

ASE Publishing would like to thank D-Link for making this review possible.
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