Cherry MX Board 3.0 (Red)

Aron Schatz
May 19, 2017
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MX Board 3.0
Cherry MX Board 3.0 (Red)
Sometimes you just want a keyboard that works well without all the fancy gaming features. That's exactly what this $80 Cherry MX Board 3.0 represents.

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Final Verdict

Cherry knows this market, considering they supply most of the switches for other manufacturer's keyboards. Their own entry level keyboard, the MX Board 3.0, is a great entry. The red switches have linear feedback. It has a slight learning curve compared to the harder tactile force of the blue or brown switches, but the smooth action of each key press is very welcomed. The thinness of the keyboard is also a very nice touch. The price for the MX Board 3.0 is about $80 (Amazon). It is slightly less expensive than other mechanical keyboards, but it is missing some of the lights and other gaming functionality. What you do get is a great productivity type of product that still works well for gaming.

The red switches are a welcome additional since the brown and blue switches, with the bump in the force curve, give an audible click. This gets very annoying on conference calls (especially the blue switches) and would be worse in an office environment. This keyboard is very quiet and the space it takes up is no larger than a normal keyboard. It's good to see premium products that just get the job done and shun all the extra bells and whistles that, sometimes, get in the way. We will always note that input devices are very subjective and if you can try before you buy, we always suggest that.

ASE Publishing would like to thank Cherry for making this review possible.
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