D-Link DCS-8300LH Full HD 2-Way Audio Camera

Aron Schatz
September 3, 2018
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D-Link DCS-8300LH Full HD 2-Way Audio Camera
Even though the DCS-8300LH contains an excellent feature set for $90, the poor execution of the new myDlink application and the removal of the admin interface for the camera mean you should hold off until those software problems are rectified.

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Final Verdict

This is the first batch of next generation consumer grade cameras from D-Link. The DCS-8300LH retails for about $90 (Amazon). This is a mixed bag from a review standpoint. There are features that were on previous generations of models (such as a full admin interface with the ability to use the camera as a real IP cam) and new features that need some more work. We have spoken with D-Link about the situation and they are aware of the feedback and are continually improving the new myDlink application as well as potentially enabling functionality that was inline with older models. Consumer feedback is important for these companies, please let them know what things you want to see. That's the good thing about devices these days, software can be updated.

There are some nifty things with this camera. The ability to do cloud recording out of the box is a welcomed addition. However, without the ability to geofence, the notifications get pretty annoying. The integration with Google Home is nice. You can ask to see a camera on your TV with Chromecast and it just works. Imagine using this as a long range baby monitor or to keep and eye on pets or others. Combine that with two-way audio and you can have an actual conversation with someone. I suggest waiting a few months while D-Link works out the kinks, but the hardware is there and has the potential to be great. If you only need a camera that offers cloud recording with minimal setup, this camera will work. However, for anything more, look at an older model or wait till more features are added.

ASE Publishing would like to thank D-Link for making this review possible.
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