ScharkSpark Beginner Drones

Aron Schatz
January 4, 2019
ScharkSpark Beginner Drones
If you're interested in seeing what the drone market is about and don't have much cash to spend, the Warrior II from ScharkSpark is a worthy purchase to start flying a toy drone in no time.

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Video Review

1 Minute Review

Final Verdict

As an update on the unreleased beta product, this is the Wasp model that wasn't available during the video review. It is now (Amazon). I still don't recommend it due to the comments in the video review. You're better off with something like the Warrior II.

The ScharkSpark Warrior II (Amazon) is a fun toy to play with. It is compact and easy to fly. It folds up so you can take it with you to fly around. There's no camera on it, which is a let down. However, it has some advanced functionality, like the ability to fly in headless mode. This type of feature is not expected in toy drones and seeing it included is nice. It gives you a feel of what flying a more expensive drone would be. It's fun and inexpensive.

ASE Publishing would like to thank ScharkSpark for making this review possible.
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