Major Torrent Sites Hacked and Go Down

Daniel Doty
October 18, 2010

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According to TorrentFreak, many different torrent sites crashed on Saturday due to a hack to the Master Boot Records (MBR's) on many of the host servers. This caused many torrent users to seek other torrent sites for several hours due to the downtime. The host, Reality Check, made some comments to TorrentFreak regarding this issue.


“We are writing this letter to inform you that a very targeted malicious attack took place on our network this morning at 6AM EST. As a result, most of our server operating systems have been corrupted resulting in the current downtime,” the company wrote to the affected customers a few hours ago.

“We have access to all backups and have already figured out a strategy for bringing your servers back up, and have all hands on deck working to restore service,” Reality Check Network President Moisey Uretsky added.

Now interesting enough, they were unsure at first who was responsible for the large scale hack, and had a hunch that it was an anti-piracy organization, but found out later that it was a disgruntled ex-employee as stated here:


“It was the result of an ex-employee who was with us for three years as a result he had intimate knowledge of our systems which is why the effects are so large,” Uretsky wrote.

To read the complete article, jump on over to TorrentFreak



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