Nokia Says Goodbye To Qt

Aron Schatz
February 11, 2011

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This is a poor move for everyone. Nokia is now pushing Windows Phone 7 and is throwing out Qt in the process. Qt is the development platform for Symbian and even KDE on Linux. Qt is portable and works with nearly every operating system. Nokia's Microsoftish CEO struck the deal with devil and now Qt is being thrown out with the bathwater. Symbian is also killed off. Meego? Dead as well. This will be bad for Nokia.


Qt will continue to be the development framework for Symbian and Nokia will use Symbian for further devices; continuing to develop strategic applications in Qt for Symbian platform and encouraging application developers to do the same. With 200 million users worldwide and Nokia planning to sell around 150 million more Symbian devices, Symbian still offers unparalleled geographical scale for developers.

Extending the scope of Qt further will be our first MeeGo-related open source device, which we plan to ship later this year. Though our plans for MeeGo have been adapted in light of our planned partnership with Microsoft, that device will be compatible with applications developed within the Qt framework and so give Qt developers a further device to target.

You get one Meego device and that's it. Everything after is WP7.



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