Andoid Market Update Coming Soon

May 12, 2011

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The Android Market seriously needed a redesign. There's way too many applications without an effecient way of sifting through all of the crap. Unfortunately, having a relatively open market leads to a lot of garbage getting through. I don't like that Apple has an extensive review process that keeps everyone kissing their ass, but it's kept nonsense from crowding the AppStore.


The Web-based version of the Android Market is receiving five new categories to help sort through applications: Top Apps, Editor's Choice, Top Developers, Related Apps, and Trending Apps. Each presents apps in a different way to make the discovery process more compelling and less annoying. Despite these improvements to the Web interface, the more important story is being told on Android devices directly.

Google announced a significant refresh to the Web interface of the Android Market on Wednesday and plans to push out an update to the Market on Android devices in the coming weeks. The goal of the update is to increase the visibility of the best applications and give developers (more) credit for their hard work.


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