Android Malware Up 400%

May 16, 2011

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According to Juniper Networks Android malware is up 400% since the summer of last year. That's pretty significant, but considering Android's growth in the market, not really suprising. Evidently, it's easy to develop malware for Android, and most people don't secure their devices with anti-virus (myself included). I just try and stick to one rule: don't download applications or visit websites unless they're reputable.


The volume of attacks that target the Android mobile operating system has increased by 400% since the summer of 2010. Also in that timeframe, one in 20 enterprise mobile devices has gone missing.

Those two findings come from the "Mobile Malicious Threats" report released Tuesday by Juniper Networks, which sells networking hardware and security products.

While significant, the four-fold increase in malware targeting Android isn't unexpected. "You don't have to be extraordinarily smart to write mobile malware these days because most devices don't have any security tools to stop the malware," said Dan Hoffman, chief mobile security evangelist at Juniper Networks, in a telephone interview.


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