Windows Phone Mango Update Gets Better SkyDrive Features

June 8, 2011

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Microsoft gives Windows Live users 25GB of Skydrive space for free. This data is essentially accessible from a Windows Phone and any computer with a browser. This data can then easily be shared with other users with Live accounts. It looks like SkyDrive is going to be more functional from Windows Phone after the Mango update. Uploading, sharing, and accessing your SkyDrive content is going to continue to get easier.... Check out the link for specific additions.


icrosoft is committed to offering cloud services that deliver access to your information across devices and platforms. Hotmail provides sync of mail, calendar and contacts across devices, and SkyDrive gives you access to up to 25GB of documents, photos, and videos from anywhere in the world through the web. And of course these services are available today for free across your Windows PC, phone, and web.


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