DOCDATA N.V. Today Publishes Online the 2011 Annual Report

April 18, 2012

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DOCDATA N.V. Today Publishes Online the 2011 Annual Report

WAALWIJK, The Netherlands, April 18, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

    2011 Annual Report

    DOCDATA N.V. today publishes online the Dutch version of the 2011 Annual Report. The
2011 Financial Statements included in the 2011 Annual Report contain the figures for the
2011 financial year, which the Company already announced on 29 February 2012. Printed
hardcopies of the 2011 Annual Report, as well as online versions of the translation in
English and German will be available latest beginning of May 2012.

    General Meeting of Shareholders

    In addition, DOCDATA N.V. ("the Company") today publishes the Agenda for the Annual
General Meeting of Shareholders ("the Meeting"), to be held on Wednesday 30 May 2012 at
2.00 PM CET in Hotel NH Waalwijk, Bevrijdingsweg 1 in Waalwijk (Sprang-Capelle). The
Agenda for the Meeting contains amongst others proposals to adopt the 2011 Financial
Statements, to distribute the announced dividend of EUR 0.50 per share and a proposal to
reappoint Mr. Alting von Geusau as member of the Management Board in the position of Chief
Executive Officer (CEO).

    As of today, the complete text of the Agenda for the Meeting with the explanatory
notes, including the 2011 Annual Report, including the 2011 Financial Statements and the
Remuneration report (available in Dutch only, as the "Remuneratierapport 2011") are
available for inspection by shareholders and other entitled persons at the office of the
Company, Energieweg 2 in Waalwijk, and shall also be made available free of charge at The
Royal Bank of Scotland N.V., Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam ("RBS"), telephone
+31-(0)20-4643707 or e-mail Also as of today, all documents
mentioned here are available online to be inspected and obtained through the Corporate
website of the Company,, or through the website

    Registration Date

    In accordance with the requirements as set by law, for the Meeting those who (i) on
Wednesday 2 May 2012 ("the Registration Date"), after processing of all entries and
deletions at this date, are registered as shareholder in the (sub)registers and also (ii)
have submitted their registration to attend as stated below, will be considered as having
the rights to vote and to attend the Meeting. As (sub)registers are qualified the
administration of the intermediaries as defined in the Dutch Securities Giro Act, which
shows the holders who are entitled to the shares on Registration Date.


    Holders of shares or their proxies are entitled to attend the Meeting in case they
apply with RBS via their intermediary at whom their shares are administrated before
Wednesday 23 May 2012, 17.00 hours (CET). The intermediaries are to provide RBS with an
electronic statement via which states the
number of shares for which a registration has been applied. With the registration, the
intermediaries are requested to include the full address details of the relevant
shareholders in order to be able to verify the shareholding on the Registration Date in an
efficient manner. RBS will send these shareholders an admission ticket for the Meeting via
the relevant intermediary.

    Written proxy and voting through the Internet

    The voting and attending rights can also be executed by a proxy. Shareholders and
other persons entitled to attend the Meeting can give an electronic proxy with voting
instructions. In order to give a valid voting instruction via Internet, you must register
in the way as described above under 'Registration'. An electronic proxy with voting
instruction is given to the Management Board of the Company, which will vote on your
behalf at the Meeting. Shareholders can give voting instructions up to and including
Wednesday 23 May 2012, 17.00 hours (CET) via In case
shareholders or other persons entitled to vote are unable to give proxy with voting
instructions electronically, they can represent themselves by means of a written proxy.
This written proxy must be received by the Company no later than Wednesday 23 May 2012,
17.00 hours (CET). The proxy must present the proof of registration as well as a copy of
the proxy at the registration desk of the Meeting.


    Persons entitled to attend the Meeting, may be requested to identify themselves before
admission to the Meeting at the registration desk. We therefore kindly request all persons
entitled to attend the Meeting to bring a valid identification document to the Meeting
(passport, identity card or drivers license).

    Issued share capital and voting rights of the Company

    At the date of convocation for the Meeting, the Company has an issued share capital of
EUR 700,000.00 representing 7,000,000 shares with a nominal value of EUR 0.10 each. As per
that date, the Company holds 86,142 (1.23%) of the issued shares, so that no voting rights
can be exercised on these shares. As a result thereof, the number of shares entitled to
vote at the date of convocation amounts to 6,913,858 shares.


    The listed DOCDATA N.V. exists of two lines of business:

    E-commerce service company Docdata ( is a European market
leader with a strong basis in The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Docdata
offers a complete e-commerce service portfolio to clients, enabling them to be successful
on the internet.

    Technology company IAI industrial systems (
is a high tech engineering company specialised in developing and building systems for very
accurate and high speed processing of all kinds of products and materials. IAI delivers
clients globally in the following sectors: securing and personalising of security
documents, processing of solar cells and modules and processing of other materials and

    Corporate website:

Source: DOCDATA N.V.

Further information: DOCDATA N.V., M.E.T. Verstraeten, CFO, Tel. +31-416-631-100


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