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Aron Schatz
June 1, 2006

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Microsoft to extort more money for security that the OS should do. Spyware and virus protection? Why can't the OS be secure enough to not worry about this!? WHY DON'T PEOPLE LOOK TO OTHER OPERATING SYSTEMS? Try Linux or Mac OS X. Vista will be the final nail in the coffin, Microsoft deserves to fail.


The software giant is launching a subscription service aimed at providing better protection for the Windows operating system, which has been vulnerable to Internet attacks. Windows Live OneCare will protect up to three computers for about 50 dollars a year.

Software that's good enough. If I was like that, ASE would be still in version 1.


I'd like to propose a further extension to this conventional wisdom, applying it to the U.S. economy. There is clearly no case for the small hardware store in Woodside, Calif., to continue to exist. The fact that the clerks are helpful, courteous and know where everything in the store is located isn't relevant. There is no logic to why the store continues to be in business when there is a "good enough" mega-store just a few miles down the road. In fact, the whole economy, with its boundless energy and diversity, should be an abomination to the proponents of the "good enough" theory.

Ubuntu 6.0.6 LTS released. This is Dapper Drake. Ubuntu is shaping up to be THE desktop Linux OS. I urge everyone to download it and give it a try.


Ubuntu 6.06 LTS introduces functionality that simplifies common Linux server deployment processes. For system administrators setting up large numbers of web, mail and related servers, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS offers the fastest and most consistent path to deployment, combined with the availability of global commercial support where needed. "Ubuntu has a reputation for working well out of the box on desktops, and we have worked to bring that same ease of deployment and configuration to the server marketplace" said Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu project. "Based on our analysis of the ways people were already deploying Ubuntu on servers, we have aimed to streamline their experience while expanding the range of software available to people deploying Ubuntu in the data centre."


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