Teen Sues MySpace for $30 Million

Aron Schatz
June 20, 2006

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Some 14 year old kid is suing MySpace because she went out with someone she found on MySpace and that person sexually assaulted her. There is no liability on MySpace in this one. The suit is utter crap and should be thrown out. MySpace should not be the target, it should be parents which failed to do their job. I'll give you two quotes...

Said By The Article

The lawsuit claims that the Web site does not require users to verify their age and calls the security measures aimed at preventing strangers from contacting users younger than 16 "utterly ineffective." "MySpace is more concerned about making money than protecting children online," said Adam Loewy, who is representing the girl and her mother in the lawsuit against MySpace, parent company News Corp. and Pete Solis, the 19-year-old accused of sexually assaulting the girl.

Said By Mike

Sure, there should be intervention. BUT, its the responsibility of the PARENT to supervise their children, not some company or society. Society as a whole have fallen into the routine of expecting others to take care of our children, and fallen down on the job of being parents.

This child's parents are to blame for not policing their child's online activities. She herself shares some of the blame, as it was SHE that allowed a stranger to pick her up and molest her.


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