Hardware Speed May Drive Holiday Sales

Aron Schatz
July 27, 2006

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There is a news article claiming that this year's holiday season may be driven by Core 2 Duo chips. The majority of retail sales are driven by margins and whatever the salesperson can push on the customer. Only a very small percent of the market will be swayed by the speed of the chips.


But some analysts, such as NPD Techworld's Stephen Baker, fret that without a compelling reason to upgrade a PC this holiday season, holiday shoppers will spend their money on goodies like digital televisions and gaming consoles. In that sense, "the Core 2 Duo probably couldn't have come at a better time," Titera said. On top of the buzz that comes with a new chip, the performance delivered by the Core 2 Duo could also generate interest in high-end desktops that also deliver better margins for PC companies, he said.


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