Xbox For Stroke Rehabilitation

Aron Schatz
September 7, 2006

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In a twist of fate, the Xbox can be used for stroke rehabilitation by violating the DMCA. Things that should be legal (such as hacking something you purchased) can promote an increase in health and science as this news post shows. I am happy that this has occured and I hope that Microsoft sues under the DMCA. We need to get rid of these dumb copyright laws. Maybe some dumb lawsuits will get the skirts in Congress thinking for a change.


Rutgers' low-cost hand rehabilitation system is based on the commercially available Microsoft Xbox video game and Essential Reality P5 gaming glove that detects finger and wrist motions to manipulate on-screen images. The engineers made minor modifications to the equipment and created software that delivers two types of finger flexing exercises needed to help recover hand functions in stroke patients.


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