Cell Phones Don't Cause Cancer

Aron Schatz
December 8, 2006

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Yet another study has shown that cell phones do not cause cancer. I believe we should just assume that anything we do in the world causes health problems and move on. I can't eat this, live to close to that, wear this thing...


A huge study from Denmark offers the latest reassurance that cell phones don't trigger cancer. Scientists tracked 420,000 Danish cell phone users, including 52,000 who had gabbed on the gadgets for 10 years or more, and some who started using them 21 years ago. They matched phone records to the famed Danish Cancer Registry that records every citizen who gets the disease and reported Tuesday that cell-phone callers are no more likely than anyone else to suffer a range of cancer types. The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, is the largest yet to find no bad news about the safety of cell phones and the radiofrequency energy they emit.


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