Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty

Aron Schatz
December 23, 2006
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Microsoft has finally extended the Xbox 360's warranty to a full year. Microsoft thought they could get away with the 90 day BS they were pushing. Look at what competition does to the marketplace and tell me that's bad.


Microsoft also said reimbursement checks for repairs done in the last 12 months will be sent out automatically in about 10 weeks. Contact information for warranty questions is available on the Xbox support site. Microsoft has been the target of an online petition--with 3,382 signatures as of Friday--calling for a retroactive warranty extension to one year. The petition claims that Xbox 360 systems frequently failed after the original 90-day warranty and that customers were unreasonably required to pay between $50 and $129 for repairs.

If you had repairs done to your 360, give Microsoft a buzz and let them know.


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