LG's Dual Format Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Player

January 9, 2007
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It's almost a crime that Sony and Toshiba can't work out a standard format. Instead of working towards technological advances together, they take the over-capitalistic approach. Each wants its own tech to be the standard with no compromise. So, the war still wages. Meanwhile, LG takes advantage of the entire ridiculous situation by being the first to release a product that plays both.


"LG offers flexibility to consumers in the next-generation in optical disc drives. The GGW-H10N is compatible with both Blu-ray Discs and HD-DVD formats. The Super Multi Blue drive is compatible with Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD read/write and HD-DVD-ROM (read), offering consumers the most universal unit available. The GGW-H10N can record up to 50GB of data, equivalent to 4-1/2 hours of high- definition video or 22 hours or standard definition video (on a dual layer 50GB BD-R/BD-RE recordable media). Surpassing the market standard, LG is providing a 4x recording speed of Blu-ray Discs, which means that it takes only 23-24 minutes to burn a full single layer BD-R disc (25GB), compared with 46-47 minutes for conventional 2x recording."

I'm glad that LG is going to be the company laughing on the way to the bank, not the two greedy innovators.


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