AMD's Onboard Graphics Chips

February 28, 2007
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We knew it was coming. Though, it's a bit disappointing that the graphics chips won't be for gamers. However, I do see the business side of what AMD is doing here. With these chips built onto boards, PC's will become fully "Vista Ready" without the need for a separate graphics card. This lowers the cost of "Vista Ready PCs." It'll be very popular in the mid and low end PC market, and a big win for AMD. AMD needed to find some way to create new revenue to fund further R and D. This way they can compete with Intel's Core 2 Duo, which is by far the best processor on the market today.....


"Advanced Micro Devices will announce today the first fruits of its $5.4 billion acquisition of graphics chip maker ATI Technologies -- a new graphics chipset. The development is an initial step toward the ultimate goal of the merger: combining onto a single chip the functions of the microprocessor, the brains that orchestrate a computer's operations, with those of the graphics processor. AMD said the new graphics chipset, the AMD 690, can be placed onto the main motherboard of the PC, eliminating the need for an add-in graphics card to handle three-dimensional graphics. Sunnyvale-based AMD said the new chipset, available in March, should help lower the cost of graphics-capable computers. More than 30 motherboard makers plan to work with the new chipset, AMD said."


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