Seagate's Most Secure Hard Drive.....Ever

March 12, 2007
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Seagate has just produced the most advanced hard drive security. It uses a whole lot of authentication and encryption techniques. Seems pretty good to me, but maybe just a little overkill for the average user. It will be geared more towards the government and any private corporations that carry sensitive data. Using this tech, the company or government will also no longer have to publicly release information about lost or stolen laptops. Very interesting......


"The Seagate drives are equipped with the company's new "DriveTrust" technology, which the company promotes as a simpler way to safeguard data stored on laptops. The encryption technology is designed to make life tougher for computer thieves and to prevent embarrassing breaches. Seagate is also in discussions with major, brand name laptop makers and expects to announce more deals for its new hard drive midyear.

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