Google Continues Its Campaign For World Domination

March 19, 2007
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Google is going to release its own mass market phone............ Great........... This company is really starting to irk me. When is it going to stop? Enough said.....


"To be sure, feverish speculation about Google products has been wrong before. Google was widely reported to be building its own line of personal computers a little over a year ago. What in fact materialized was a set of free software programs designed to make any existing Windows PCs easier to use. But Richard Windsor, a phone analyst with brokerage Nomura in London, told clients late last week that unspecified Google representatives at a major European conference in Germany had confirmed the company is working on its own phone device. "Google has come out of the closet at the CeBIT trade fair admitting that it is working on a mobile phone of its own," Windsor said in a note entitled "Google Phone: From myth to reality." "This is not going to be a high-end device but a mass market device aimed at bringing Google to users who don't have a PC," he said."


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