Sun Buys MySQL AB

Aron Schatz
January 16, 2008

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Sun has purchased the company that head develops MySQL. Sun has been really pushing open source lately. I just hope that MySQL will continue to flourish under Sun. If not, PostgreSQL is a good alternative.


"Today's acquisition reaffirms Sun's position at the center of the global Web economy. Supporting our overall growth plan, acquiring MySQL amplifies our investments in the technologies demanded by those driving extreme growth and efficiency, from Internet media titans to the world's largest traditional enterprises," said Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and president, Sun Microsystems. "MySQL's employees and culture, along with its near ubiquity across the Web, make it an ideal fit with Sun's open approach to network innovation. And most importantly, this announcement boosts our investments into the communities at the heart of innovation on the Internet and of enterprises that rely on technology as a competitive weapon."

Seeing is believing... we'll see how Sun handles MySQL.


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