Rockstar makes another game revolutionary in its bugginess.

Logan King
April 30, 2008

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According to Kotaku, Rockstar has no ideas as to why the mega-hyped GTA IV is a glitchy unplayable mess to select few users. Thankfully, it seems the problems aren't as widespread as they were with the comically broken Bully: Scholarship Edition, and Rockstar sounds to be urgently searching for a way to fix it (and hopefully that will turn out better than Bully did, as well). However, regardless of the efforts that Rockstar takes, it is pretty unforgivable that they can't manage to code a game for either console without having to supplant it with a patch just to get it to run. Thank you, seventh generation! We truly love the laziness that built in hard drives has ushered.


Rockstar declined to comment on the issue officially, so I went to the phone and called up Rockstar Support to see what they had to say about the problem.

A very friendly, and obviously unhappy, fellow answered the phone who, after thanking me for not yelling at him and apologizing profusely for the problem, spilled quite a bit of beans on the issue:

The man told me that the problem is apparently only effecting the 60 GB version of the Playstation 3, but that it didn't matter than my particular console was a launch console (Yes, I told a little white lie and said my copy was locking up.) He said the problem is not across the board for the 60GB PS3s but rather only impacts some, so their tech folks are working around the clock to try and figure out what is causing the issue.

He did ask me to make sure that my harddrive wasn't full and that I had the latest firmware update, but confessed that that really isn't what's causing most of the problem. He also said that the Xbox 360 is having the "exact same problem," which has further stumped their tech folks.

Lovely. And people wonder why PC gaming is dead.


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