SuperTalent Shipping UltraDrive SSDs

Aron Schatz
March 26, 2009

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In March 2009 SuperTalent introduced its UltraDrive series to market. This whitepaper outlines some of the performance testing done by SuperTalent showing the outstanding performance of the UltraDrive series. Both UltraDrive series achieved Sequential Read and Write speeds as high as 250MB/sec on the ATTO benchmark. With IOMETER the UltraDrive ME measured over 10,000 Sequential Read IOPS and nearly 16000 Sequential Write IOPS and 6500 Random Read IOPS and around 4000 Random Write IOPS. The UltraDrive LE series (SLC Flash) results were even better for Sequential Write, and Random Read and Write, yielding over 13,000 Sequential Read IOPS and nearly 7500 Random Read IOPS and 5000-6000 Random Write IOPS. Compared to a standard 7200RPM HDD from Seagate the 128GB UltraDrive ME lowered boot time by nearly 70 percent; booting the system in just over 9 seconds vs. nearly 30 seconds. Although the UltraDrives are available in densities ranging from 32GB to 256GB this whitepaper will focus on the performance of the 54-256GB Density Products.



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